The Bujagali Trust supports educational projects throughout Uganda in partnership with local friends and organisations

Current projects

Mama Elisabeth Nursery and Primary School, Gulu

This new school was established by a visionary couple, Grace and Patrick Lumumba, in response to the lack of primary education for children near where they live. Gulu, in the north of Uganda, has suffered for many years from a war waged by rebel fighters. This is now thankfully behind them but lack of investment in infrastructure during the war has left the area short of many facilities. The Bujagali Trust has provided the school with a water storage tank, a new three-classroom block, and a large Hall. The building projects have been embraced by the local community, contributing labour and skills, and helping in any way they can. The new classrooms were finished and equipped in time for the new school year in January 2016, and the Hall a year later in January 2017. 


Kumi Region

Our long-standing friends Martin and Grace Akadun are helping us to help three schools in rural Eastern Uganda. These are government run schools but, as with many others, they lack basic educational needs. We have provided books, scholastic materials, desks, and arranged for the refurbishment of blackboards. These are modest requirements but they will make a huge difference to the lives of the children and staff. 

In addition, in one of the schools, Kalengo, we have provided funds to dig a bore hole near the school premises. This will avoid children having to trek a considerable distance to fetch usable water during the school day. 

Mutai Secondary School, Jinja

We are pleased to work with the Jinja Educational Trust (JET) in supporting Mutai Secondary School, situated in a rural area near Jinja, in the south of the country. Here we focus on vocational education and have recently provided funds for a tailoring room and agricultural supplies. 

Great Hopes Primary School

Through JET, we have also pledged to provide educational supplies to this very poor school just outside Jinja.