Here is our latest newsletter, we hope you enjoy reading it.

November 2018: Trustee visit to Uganda

Grace and Martin Adakun hosted Sandy in Kumi, where she visited all three supported schools. She was shown the recent projects funded by the Trust: new latrines, solar panels that provide light in the evening, and a new classroom block at Okorom Primary School, under construction. She met new headteachers at two of the schools and discussed the importance of monitoring attendance and academic results. Sandy discussed future needs at all three schools with the head teacher and school management team; priorities are teacher accommodation, library facilities and security improvements.

Grace Adakun accompanied Sandy to Gulu where they visited Mama Elisabeth Nursery and Primary School. The newly funded library is well equipped and well-used by pupils and staff, and the recently dug bore hole provides piped water to other buildings on site. Priorities at Mama Elisabeth are to build a new classroom block to accommodate P6 and P7 pupils, required as the school matures.

At both locations Sandy was impressed with the attitudes of staff, management, and pupils in response to the support given by the Bujagali Trust. Stewardship and oversight by our local ambassadors is impressive, they are diligent and proactive in all they do in their roles as liaison between the Trust and the schools.


October 2017: Kevin visits Gulu and Kumi

Kevin visited the schools we support in Gulu and Kumi and was very impressed with the quality of the education he experienced in each of the schools. He spent time observing lessons, talking with teachers and meeting members of the local community. The children in the schools were enthusiastic and keen to learn and their teachers were working hard in demanding circumstances to enable them to make progress. The resources the Trust has provided were much appreciated and being used to very good effect.

August 2017: Raising funds and making new friends

A successful tea garden and book sale was held in Swanage, Dorset, which introduced many new people to the Bujagali Trust. On two successive beautiful sunny afternoons visitors to the seaside town enjoyed the tranquility and fabulous view from the garden overlooking the bay. Tea was drunk, many cakes were consumed, and the book shelves browsed for holiday reading or a bargain to take home. The event was enjoyed by all and we thank everyone who contributed to support the work of the trust.  

January 2017: Tom and Tina visit Gulu

Tom and Tina Riley visited Mama Elisabeth as part of their honeymoon early in the new year. They were welcomed by Patrick and Grace Lumumba along with all the staff and children of the school. The new Hall was put to good use for a celebration of singing and dancing.

December 2016 Opening of the new Hall at Mama Elisabeth

We are delighted to report that our latest project has been completed at Mama Elisabeth School in Gulu. The Bujagali Trust has financed a new multipurpose Hall, which will enable the whole school to come together for assemblies and meetings, allow children to eat lunch under cover in the rainy season, provide accommodation for exams, and will double up as extra classroom space. The construction was well managed by the team at Mama Elisabeth, who were helped enormously by the contributions of many in the local community. 

The opening ceremony was a great day. About 600 people attended: parents, children, and staff were joined by members of the local community including political and religious leaders, and representatives from the other institutions including the army and police. Great fun was had by all and there was much singing and dancing.

March 2016 Running for the Bujagali Trust


We are hugely grateful to Leander Woodbridge, who ran the Bath Half Marathon, raising money for the Bujagali Trust. She trained hard in preparation - and it paid off on the day. The whole family turned out to cheer her on and she was able to run a great time, beating her personal best for the event. This was a great achievement in terms of the running, the fundraising and the friend-raising. Everyone we support in Uganda will be extremely grateful for the generosity of those who sponsored Leander. Much can be done with even small amounts of money. Thanks to Leander and all her supporters!